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"BCS Prostuti" is an educational app for those who are preparing for "BCS Preliminary" as well as banks, primary school teachers, and all kinds of Govt. job exams. It is a complete platform for learners with 45000+ questions. And exclusive questions with detailed explanations are adding continuously. The competitive model test will help the examinees compare their preparation with other candidates. Users can also increase their readiness through unlimited personalized tests. "BCS Prostuti" hopes that a good BCS and other Govt. job preparation journey will start from here.

Core Features

  • Competitive examinations are taken with detailed explanations following a routine that includes a complete syllabus of "BCS Preliminary" within a specified period of time. Competitive model tests are also arranged for banks, primary school teachers, and other Govt. jobs.
  • Unlimited personalized model tests (category/subcategory wise) on 45000+ MCQ questions. Candidates can set the number and time before each exam to test their skills and improvement.
  • Question bank with detailed explanations.
  • Quiz Quiz (learn with fun), a way to enhance a user's knowledge and gain points.
  • Study facility with a smooth user interface.
  • Short video tutorials.
  • Performance statistic of candidates (according to exam type/category/date)
  • Question marking feature to create a user's own set of questions for further review.
  • Users' reports are revised through an expert review process.


  • Daily/Weekly competitive exam: There are daily and weekly model tests in the same syllabus and pattern of the "BCS preliminary" examinations. The tests lives throughout the day. Tests can be given at any time. A merit list is published the day after each exam. Users can take the same test later, but the results will not affect the merit test. The same procedure is followed in the examination of banks, primary school teachers, and other Govt. jobs.
  • Syllabus-wise Exam:There are also syllabus-based exams for "BCS, banks, primary school teachers and other Govt. jobs". The total syllabus is divided into small pieces and provided the routine in the app.
  • Personalized Subjective Examination: Category / Subcategory / Chapter wise "unlimited personalized model tests". Users can set the number and time before each test.
  • Personalized Full Examination: The personalized test in the full syllabus is specially designed for "BCS Preliminary".
  • Question Bank: Question banks with detailed explanations of BCS and other Govt. jobs.
  • Study: Chapter-wise reading facility. In this section, all questions are structured by category -> subcategory -> chapter. After reading a chapter, users can judge themselves through practice tests for that particular chapter.
  • Quiz Quiz: The candidate has to answer a question within the time limit. If the answer is correct he is allowed to continue otherwise he will have to spend some point to proceed. Points are awarded after successful completion of the level.
  • Mark Question: Users can mark the questions they want to review later. In this section, they can create a new set of questions only for themselves.

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