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BCS prostuti is an educational app which is actually for those pepoles who are preparing for BCS exam also Bank and all kinds of Govt jobs exam. .In our app, everybody will be able to give unlimitted exam and model test with 20000 MCQ in every topicwise or subtopicwise by setting time and questions as they want.After every test you can judge youself and by showing the graph chart so that you can see how is your preparation and how much needed to your improvment.

Our Features

  • "BCS Prostuti" provides unlimited model tests which contain all the subjects.
  • Also provides unlimited subjective tests for best preparation.
  • At the end of every test "BCS Prostuti" shows your assessment and provide correct answers to all the question that will help you to judge yourself.
  • 21000+ MCQ questions are ready for your best BCS preparation.
  • You can set the time and questions as you want before the each and every test
  • Quiz (learn with fun and gain points for the total exams).
  • BCS question bank.
  • BCS syllabus, study guide and 40th BCS circular.
  • You can mark a question to review later.
  • You can report to us if you think any answer we provide is wrong.
  • You can see all of your examination results with success rate.


BCS Prostuti is a service provided by Codeminers. Please read the policies carefully before using this App.

  • Abiding by the law at any post, image or writing uploaded to BCS Prostuti, is entirely upto the advertiser and customers. The authority will not take any such responsibilties, if the content or the data is proven illegal or inappropriate.
  • BCS Prostuti holds the rights to collect and store every information entered in the website including user's name, mail address, mobile number etc.
  • BCS Prostuties can use information that were submitted to the website, in their own marketing campaign and for various security and efficiency peocedures.
  • Without clear consent of the customers, no data will be given to any parties or any campaign that is not directly not under supervision of BCS Prostuti.

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